Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders
is the supreme governing body whose purview includes the most significant issues concerning the Company’s activities.

The annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 10 June 2016 approved the following:

  • the Company’s Annual Report and annual accounting statement for 2015
  • the distribution of profit based on 2015 results
  • to pay dividends based on 2015 results in the amount of RUB 6.47 per share (payable dividends amounted to RUB 5.92 per share taking into account previously paid dividends for the first half of 2015)
  • elected new versions of the Board of Directors and Audit Commission
  • the Company’s external auditor for 2016
  • remuneration for members of the Board of Directors and Audit Commission
6.47 RUB
dividend payments per share based on 2015 results