Sustainable development

By setting strategic goals and achieving them, Gazprom Neft is committed to sustainable growth and creating economic and social benefits for stakeholders. An integrated business model allows Gazprom Neft to maximise the effective use of its resources and create value for stakeholders during each stage of operations.

When drafting and implementing its sustainable development strategy, Gazprom Neft seeks to ensure an optimal balance in the economic, environmental and social aspects of its activities. By investing resources in the development of its assets as well as improving production activities, Gazprom Neft simultaneously invests in effective programmes for regional development and environmental protection and views these investments as a contribution to its long-term competitiveness.

The Company is aware of its responsibility to employees, local communities and the environment in the regions where it operates.

The health and safety of its personnel is a priority for Gazprom Neft when planning and engaging in any activities. The Company seeks to minimise the environmental risks of oil production and refining, uses natural resources sparingly and implements nature and biodiversity conservation projects.

As one of the country’s best employers, Gazprom Neft continuously expands its investment in human resources development and improves the professional development system for employees as well as programmes for their social support.

The social activities of Gazprom Neft in the regions focus on improving the quality of life of the population and supporting the sustainable development of the territories where the Company operates. The ‘Native Towns’ social investment programme aims to achieve these goals.

In developing and carrying out its sustainable development strategy, the Company actively cooperates with stakeholders: employees, local communities, the government authorities and public organisations. Interaction and an open dialogue with them is a major factor in successfully meeting the Company’s economic, environmental and social objectives.

This section presents the Company’s approach to sustainable development and the main results of its activities in this regard. Detailed information is presented in the Gazprom Neft PJSC Sustainable Development Report for 2016.