Accounting for sustainable development factors in strategy implementation

An integrated business model enables the company to maximise the effective use of its resources and create value for stakeholders at each stage of activity.

While investing resources in the development of the Company’s assets, improving production activities and developing human resources, Gazprom Neft simultaneously invests in effective programmes for regional development and environmental protection and views these investments as a contribution to achieving the global goals in sustainable development.

Strategic focuses and priorities of the corporate and social responsibility programme

Sustainable development

  • Enhancing production safety
  • Minimising the environmental risks of oil production and refining
  • Careful use of natural resources
  • Preservation of biodiversity

Human resource development

  • Staying healthy
  • Occupational safety
  • Improvement to the employee professional development system
  • Social support for employees and their families

Regional policy and development of local communities

  • Improving the quality of life of the local population
  • Support for the sustainable development of the regions of operation

The Company’s sustainable development strategy is drafted and implemented in active cooperation with stakeholders – employees, local communities, the government authorities and public organisations. Interaction and an open dialogue with them are substantial factors in meeting the economic, environmental and social objectives facing Gazprom Neft.

This report presents basic information about Gazprom Neft’s sustainable development approach and activities as well as the main results of these activities. Detailed information is presented in the Gazprom Neft PJSC Sustainable Development Report for 2016.