Oil refining

Strategic objectives

KPI for 2025

40 mn t oil refining volume in Russia
95 % refining depth in Russia
80 % yield of light petroleum products in Russia

Implementing programmes to modernise oil refining facilities as well as growth in operating efficiency remain strategic priorities for Gazprom Neft as it develops its oil refining business in Russia. The Company has completed the first stage of the extensive modernisation of its oil refineries, which aims to improve the quality of the petroleum products it manufactures. All the motor fuels it produces correspond to fifth-class emission standards. The Company continues to implement key projects in the second stage of the modernisation programme, which aims to increase oil refining depth and expand the yield of light petroleum products. Work is also being continued on projects to improve operating efficiency and to mitigate the Company’s environmental impact.

Milestones of 2016

  • Continuation of the oil refinery modernisation programme:
  • Active construction of the Euro+ complex and the Biosphera biological treatment complex at the Moscow Oil Refinery
  • Design documentation drafted for the deep oil refining complex and construction launched on a primary oil refining complex at the Omsk Oil Refinery

Dynamics of key indicators

Oil refining volume at Russian oil refineries (mn t)
Refining depth at Russian oil refineries (%)
Yield of light petroleum products at Russian oil refineries (%)